Using Salt & Sand to Keep Your Driveway Safe This Winter

Many of us will end up with a nice and slippery ice arena where our driveway once was at some point throughout this winter season. Low temperatures, longer nights along with snow and ice make winter one of the most dreaded seasons for drivers.

Sodium Chloride, rock salt, is one of the best allies you can ever have to combat the snow and ice. This salt is less refined than table salt and will melt snow or ice with ease. The only drawback to the salt is that after it does the job, the salt rocks will dissolve and no longer provide you with a gritty surface. If you either add sand directly to your salt when applying or add a healthy layer of sand after, you will be left with a nice and gritty surface that will give both tires and boots a perfect surface for traction.

Make sure that your vehicle gets the best quality winter maintenance, bring it in to our team at Quality Mitsubishi today.

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