Your Vehicle Needs Preventative Care Too

Is your car ready for the changing seasons? Did you know extreme weather can shorten the life of your vehicle? Vermont weather can put wear and tear on your ride, which can cause expensive repairs, voiding of vehicle warranties, and even worse, danger to you and your passengers. To avoid these possible disasters and improve the longevity of your vehicle, it is important to strictly adhere to your vehicle's recommended maintenance schedule.

Every vehicle has a maintenance schedule, and you can find it in your owner's manual. A maintenance schedule is essentially a timeline of when to bring your vehicle in to be serviced for preventative care. This regular maintenance will ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly for as long as you own or lease your vehicle. Regular maintenance is also recommended for a variety of vehicle components. Bringing your car in for service will help ensure that your vehicle is up to date on oil changes, air filters, tire rotations, windshield wipers, and much more.

Following your vehicle's maintenance schedule is a sure way to keep your vehicle healthy and safe for you to drive. To schedule your next service in St. Johnsbury, VT, call our service team here at Quality Mitsubishi today. Technicians are ready and happy to help you.

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