Signs Your Exhaust System is Leaking

The exhaust on your vehicle is designed to keep everything quiet when you are driving along. If you didn't have this system, you would barely be able to hear yourself think because the sound of the engine would be so loud. Luckily, when your exhaust is working the way it was designed, it will keep everything at a reasonable level. When something goes wrong with your exhaust, you are probably going to know it because of one or more issues that can include:

  • A strong, chemical smell that is coming from the exhaust of your vehicle, but it can also smell like it is within your vehicle or underneath your vehicle as well.
  • Condensation or water coming out of your exhaust pipe
  • During a cold start, you may see a puff of steam escape from your exhaust pipe.

If any of these problems are going on, stop by our auto repair shop in St. Johnsbury, VT to have your vehicle looked at.

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