A Full Tank of Gas Helps Your Car in the Winter Months

At Quality Mitsubishi, we want you to be safe while driving your car during the cold winter. While it may not seem like a big deal, keeping your gas tank full can be a big help when the temperature fluctuates rapidly.

Condensation can occur in your gas tank. The more air in your gas tank, the more condensation can develop. This moisture can turn into water, which in turn mixes with your gas. If there is too much water in your gas, the gas can freeze. This can cause problems with your gas line, including freezing up your gas line so that no gas can flow. If the weather gets below freezing and you have water in your gas tank, you'll have trouble driving your car.

Don't get caught in the cold winter weather because of a frozen gas line. Take the time to fill up your tank to keep it full in the St. Johnsbury, VT area!

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