Sharing the Road with Bicyclists

It seems as though every year, the number of bicycle traffic deaths increases. This could be because more people are choosing to ride bicycles or because drivers are just not as careful as they should be. Whatever the reason, we at Quality Mitsubishi want to know that everyone is as safe as possible on the roads and have some great tips to offer.

Bicyclists should travel with the flow of traffic and follow all traffic signs. Front and rear lights should be used as well as helmets. Only change lanes when necessary and give signals. Auto drivers should slow down, allow ample room when passing and show courtesy. Both should be respectful of the other.

Whether you’re just trying to become a safer driver or you are in need of a safer vehicle, we’re here to help you. Come to our Mitsubishi dealership and take the vehicle of your choice out for a test drive today.



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