Oversteers and understeers are two potential situations that can happen when your car loses its grip on the road. The good news is that you can lessen their likelihood by turning gently, without any sudden stops or accelerations, and by driving a car with safety features that are there to help you maintain control. Many of the vehicles that we have at Quality Mitsubishi in St. Johnsbury, VT have built-in traction and stability control.

An oversteer is when your car turns too much and you end up either fishtailing or spinning out. An understeer is when your car doesn't turn enough. In either case, you temporarily lose control of your steering, and it can be quite unsettling.

Oversteers tend to occur in rear-wheel-drive vehicles, and understeers are typically seen more in front-wheel-drive vehicles. Having four-wheel-drive and good all-season tires can reduce the chances of experiencing these issues.

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