Since we want you to have the ultimate driving experience at Quality Mitsubishi, we will discuss the seasonal maintenance of your vehicle. This post will cover driving on winter tires year-round and why it is not recommended by most tire pros. Here is why driving on winter tires year-round could affect your vehicle's performance.

First, winter tires are designed for cold climates with slick roads. The tire's rubber is deeper and more flexible, allowing it to adapt to icy road conditions. The tread is not as deep on summer tires since warmer conditions do not require optimal traction. Therefore, warmer tires will not perform as well in summer months, which often leads to the tires wearing down faster than they normally would. Winter tires are not built to withstand warmer temperatures.

If you want to avoid changing your tires every time the seasons change, you may want to consider using all-season tires on your car or truck.

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